3D Printing Services for Covid-19

    If you have a part that you need manufactured in metal, our 3D Printing Solutions can help you speed up the process.

    The global impact of this novel coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on the medical community and has overwhelmed their already exhausted supply chain. We want to do all that we can to support these professionals in their efforts.

    What we offer


    Innovative 3D Printing Solutions LLP is offering medical equipment manufacturers and those making critical medical parts, access to our technology and engineering resources in order to provide free 3D printing services.


    Part Guidelines:

    Our systems work best with small, complex metal parts. Please follow the guidelines below for parts that are needed.


    1. 1. Part must be able to be used in CoCr
    2. 2. Part size should be smaller than 5cm x 5cm x 5cm
    3. 3. Part must serve a urgent need in the medical community.


    Please note, this is a fluid situation. Shelter in place or other mandatory orders may alter our ability to rapidly respond. 

    3D Printing

    Submit Request

      Does this part meet the specifications listed above?

      Is this a life saving, time sensitive part?

      Are you a medical equipment manufacturer or healthcare provider?

      If you have a CAD file of this part, please upload it here

      If you have additional files (e.g. drawings) please upload here

      Please Note: We will evaluate the part to see if it is feasible on our systems, and reach out to you promptly with a response.