Innovative 3D Printing Solutions an additive(3D) manufacturing service bureau based out of Gurugram that provides patient specific implant solutions. India’s 1st & only company to provide custom made Root Analogue Implants.
    Innovative 3D Printing Solutions
    We only use FDA & CE approved materials directly imported from the exporters
    Quickest product lead time in the industry. Faster than you expect.
    Error Free Customisation based on requirements available.
    Specialists, experienced technical & design teams

    Our Advantage

    3D Printing
    North India’s 1st DMLS
    State of the Art Facility
    CAD/CAM unit features a state of the art lab
    Regulatory Bodies
    Customised Implant System
    Custom Implant system offers dentists’ with alternative method of tooth replacement that does not require drilling/damage to the adjacent teeth.
    DMLS - New Gen PFMs
    The direct metal sintering system is a certified system for the additive manufacturing of new gen PFMs & uses the imported HBD100 laser sintering machine.
    EMAX Natural Translucent
    Designed with simplicity and versatility Uses biocompatible lithium di silicate glass ceramic ingots that lends natural translucency to the tooth.

    Goal Diggers

    Madhav Bal ( Founder )
    "Forget shopping, soon we will be able to download our clothes."
    - Danit Peleg
    “3D Printing Is Going To Be Way Bigger Than What The 3D Printing Companies Are Saying. ”
    - Credit Suisse
    " Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something. "
    - Thomas A. Edison
    "It can change the whole paradigm of how our children
    will see innovation and manufacturing"
    - Bre Pettis