Delivery and Shipping Policy
    Delivery and Shipping Policy

    International Delivery and Shipping Terms & Conditions

    • Prices are shown in your local currency. For conversion, we recommend using a Currency Converter.
    • Any import duties, taxes or brokerage fees due at the time of delivery are the sole responsibility of the receiving customer.
    • Packing slips for International Shipments cannot be marked as a “gift” or with altered prices.
    • International Orders may require 10-18 business days or more of additional processing time prior to shipment as we may need to consolidate items to one package for shipment.
    • When “Fast International Shipping” or “Priority Order” method is selected, orders will be shipped by a carrier of our choice (LISPS or UPS). Typical transit time will be 3-5 business days.
    • If you are in the US we can ship to any UPS store for pickup.


    You should receive an email confirming your order shortly after you’ve placed it. If you don’t receive that email, please check your spam folder and see if you can locate it. This is especially important because, if you haven’t received the order confirmation email, you also won’t receive the email with your shipment notification and tracking information.

    We cannot be held responsible for damaged. lost, or stolen packages.