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    We want our doctors / partners to trust that when their patients receive Crown & Bridge restorations that it was executed with the most superior craftsmanship, smooth surface and optimal function.
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    iZ Monolith
    Dentistry is growing and changing so quickly we realize that our technicians need be prepared to meet your demands, so training and education is at the forefront of our business. We have spent many years perfecting our craft and ensuring that we provide premium materials and highest aesthetics.

    iPFM ( Porcelain Fused to Metal )

    • Lightweight
    • Nickel free and beryllium free
    • Perfect fit
    • Perfect margin adaptation
    • Excellent fitting on uncut model
    • CAD process detects and eliminates undercuts up to 0.2mm
    • CAM process facilitates space for ceramic binding and avoids chip off Long span bridges up to 16 units can be fabricated
    • Absolutely no rocking Up to 15 year warranty

    iZ Monolith ( Monolithic Zirconia )

    • Superior strength
    • Superior durability
    • Excellent aesthetics
    • Can be performed at minimal clearance
    • Can be recommended for posterior Perfect fitting
    • Perfect margin adaptation
    • Natural tooth like translucency

    iPFZ ( Porcelain Fused to Zirconia )

    • More translucent and opalescent
    • Best for anterior region
    • Strong results when protocols are followed and done skillfully
    • Vast range of desired shades
    • Extremely biocompatible
    • Recommended for patients with allergies to metals


    • Toughest and most durable in the metal free category
    • Best for stained teeth
    • Least likely to chip or break if all protocols followed properly
    • Minimum preparation required
    • Eliminates black line land visibility associated with PFM

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