Do you want to stay on top of demand and offer the complete range of dental indications? Simply outsource your cases to our trusted providers for digital design assistance and total peace-of-mind.

    Bridging the gap

    If you’re dealing with manpower / skill limitations or lack of experience, your dental lab or clinic might miss out on enamours business opportunities. Our services bridges that gap for you. It helps you from a scan to a fully finished dental design.

    With access to an integrated wide network of design providers that specialises in all indications, including crowns and bridges, dental implants, orthodontics and removables, you can always deliver the right treatment to each and every patient.

    Design Services
    Our cloud software allows you to communicate and share cases directly so you can get access to all indications.
    Send the scanned digital file immediately through our cloud portal
    Our design service provider works on your case.
    Receive the completed file through the response portal with real time notifications.
    Produce treatment products in-house or order same from our cloud system.
    Start treatment as soon as your treatment product is ready.
    Choosing our system is one of the best ways to secure access to the most up-to-date technology, materials and prices. With our cloud ecosystem you can directly connect with your design partners and secure the most cost-effective and relevant options for your lab / clinic. From treatment workflows to design services, libraries – it’s all just a click away.

    Services we Offer

    • C&B
    • Cutback
    • RPD
    • Surgical Guides
    • Hybrid
    • BAR
    • Palo Malo
    • Custom Abutment
    • Model Design
    • Denture
    • Night Guard

    Other Services