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    We are an implant focused dental lab with a highly skilled team of certified dental technicians that are known for the quality, accuracy and speed of their restorations.
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    Screw Retained
    Hybrid Prosthesis
    Customised Crown Support
    Our Mission is to provide you high quality, accurate and efficient restorations that resemble the patient’s natural teeth. We welcome you to consult with our implant specialty team to answer all of your questions and to set up a consultation to discuss your first case. Please email us at

    Our Advantage

    We excel in both digital and dental fabrications for a wide range of implant dental products. However, we digitally restore most implant cases to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Digital dentistry reduces the risks and uncertainties introduced by human factors, providing higher consistency, accuracy, and precision at every stage of the workflow.
    We value and respect our doctor’s clinical choices and use only the original parts and components that they’ve requested. Our top tier quality is unmatched. We use high quality zirconia, PMMA, ceramic and titanium. We are also fully equipped and prepared to design CAD/CAM custom abutments and milled-titanium bars.
    Speed and Efficiency
    From the moment you send us your STL files or photo images, we immediately start working on your case. Send us your digital scans or impressions. The turnaround time is 48 hours from start to finish. We fabricate models and use our own 3D printers to print guides and other tools necessary for a successful surgery and restoration.
    Screw Retained Implant

    Screw Retained

    • • Completely digital workflow
    • • No need to use UCLA abutments and then casting of the same as we manufacture the implant prosthesis directly through CAD CAM DMLS with all original connections
    • • Money saving
    • • Accuracy of 0.09mm or 9 microns
    • • Implant screw also available
    Hybrid Prosthesis

    Hybrid Prosthesis

    • • Light weight
    • • Precisely made implant solution through CAD-CAM DMLS
    • • Predictable package pricing
    • • Highly functional with life like aesthetics
    • • Precise fit and strength
    • • Natural look with proper articulation and occlusion
    • • Makes easy chewing like real tooth
    • • Easy to clean and maintain
    • • Using DMLS technology it fits passively in patients’ mouth compared with traditional casting
    • • All original connections on all implant systems
    • • No rocking or spaces
    • • No shrinkage in metal
    Customized Crown Support

    Customised Crown Support

    • • Designed according to consideration with Aesthetics, hygiene, function and antagonist
    • • Perfect fit on the implant through X-Ray
    • • Absolutely no taperedness, undercuts or poor design
    • • Made with COCR so it is highly compatible
    • • Done completely digitally through MLS
    • • Matched with the company implant library on EXOCAD software
    • • Highly cost saving, technologically advanced and precise compared to traditional casting process using UCLA castable abutments

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